Antique wax - old good formulation for wood protection

ANTIQUE WAX is a mix of natural waxes and renewable vegetable solvents like orange peel oil used for protection of interior wooden surfaces creates a satin and glossy finish. The treated wood is antistatic and waterproof.

AREAS OF USE: Used for waxing untreated wood or wood treated with natural oils. Also used  for restoring faded and scratched surfaces not exposed to environmental conditions which were previously treated with oil, wax or wood stain.  Antique wax can also be used for wooden toys and waxing shoes.                                

COLOUR: Transparent

STORAGE: Keep tightly sealed and out of children’s reach in a cold and dry environment. Do not allow to freeze.

EXPIRATION DATE: Practically unlimited. Change of colour does not imply change of quality. Dried wax can be restored by heating it in a water bath and carefully adding a solvent.                                                                             Danger: do not use direct flame. 

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