GrafitEx - highly effective graffiti remover

GrafitEx is a viscous graffiti removing gel for use on masonry and other porous surfaces, metal, glass, tile, polished marble, plastic and painted surfaces.


Can be applied by brush, roller or spray. This gel will cling to the surface and should be left to break down the graffiti for 15-60 minutes. Than the dirt should be removed by spatula or brush.
Finally the surface should be  washed off with Cleaner IPA-

Main Benefits:

Highly effective at removal of most aerosol and felt pen graffiti
Formulated specifically for hard surfaces
Cost effective
Easy to use
Non Hazardous
Low Odor
Safe for use in public areas
No ozone-depleting solvents


May damage certain types of traditional paint
May cause damage to certain types of plastics
May damage polycarbonate on prolonged use

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