QuickSil - quick setting sprayable silicone

is a bicomponent addition RTV silicon rubber that vulcanizes very quickly at room temperature. QuickSil is used for the duplication of models with small recesses. The main property of the product to be vulcanized is its remarkable fluidity.
QuickSil is effective for making reusable cost-effective vacuum bags fast for producing composite parts. Newly fabricated vacuum bags can be removed from the tool assembly in a matter of minutes and be put into production service immediately.


Properties of liquid product

Colour comp.A:    light green-blue 
Colour comp.B:    translucent  
Mixing ratio: 1 : 1
Viscosity:             4000 - 4400 mPas
Density:                1,1 g/cm3
Pot life at 23°C:        20 - 25 seconds
Setting time a 23°C: 4 - 6 minutes
Hardness after 8 min.: 18 ± 2 Shore A
Hardness after 1 h:      22 ± 3 Shore A
Tear strenght (DIE B): > 15 N/mm
Tensile Strenght > 3,8 N/mm2
Elongation 350 ± 20%

Properties of the vulcanized product
 - High chemical resistance to the aggressive 
   components of some types of resin; 
- High tear strength 
- High accuracy in reproducing very small
- High dimensional stability in time
- Remarkable resistance to high temperatures
   and aging; 


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