Silicone FX Transparent- transparent moldmaking silicone

is an RTV silicone rubber for two-component addition  that vulcanises at room temperature. 
Silicone rubber FX transparent has a high tensile-shear strength, high Shore A, density and a relatively good transparency. It is indispensable in the rapid prototypes production (automotive, industrial design, etc.)


-       Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
-       High strength and resistance to tearing
-       Low shrinkage
-       Dimensional stability
-       Temperature resistance up to 200°C


Due to the high viscosity of FX-transparent, vacuuming is recommended. 
At temperature 40°C, gelling time and hardening time are cut in half.


Rapid prototyping

Moulds for casting concrete
Making hight accuracy moulds with high chemical resistance
Production of transparent casts


Color:   translucent
Viscosity comp. A (10 parts):  70000 cPs
Viscosity comp. B (1 parts):  90 cPs
Viscosity of the precatalysed mixture ≈ 35000 mPas 
Mixing ratio: A : B =10 : 1
Density 1.12 g/cc
Pot life at 23 °C:  aprox. 90 min
Setting time at 23 °C: aprox. 15 h
Hardness after 24 h:  43 ± 2 sh”A”
Tear strength:  > 22 N/mm  
Tensile strength:  7,8 ± 0,5 N/mm2  
Elongation:  420 ± 20%

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