Silicone Shore A 00 - soft flexible liquid silicone rubber

is a bicomponent  addition RTV silicon rubber that vulcanizes at room
Indicated for the duplication of models with small recession. It is very soft rubber.

• Mould-making and model-making (for its remarkable reproduction accuracy, high dimensional stability and high mechanical strength)
• Silk-screen printing on ceramic (for its remarkable reproduction accuracy, high mechanical strength and the excellent laser incision capability)
• Pad printing 
In the pad printing field, the product is used by diluting it with oil having a viscosity of 50 cps to get the desired hardness.

                                                       TECHNICAL PROPERTIES
Mixing ratio: 1 : 1
Viscosity of pre-catalyzation mixture: 2500 mPas
Mixing time at 23 °C:   1 minute
Working time at 23 °C: 15 – 20 minutes
Setting time at 23 °C: aprox. 90 minutes
Shore A hardness after 24 hours:  0 Shore A
Tensile strenght: 1,2 N/mm2
Elongation at break: 550 %
Tear strength: 5,5 N/mm


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