SKIN SILICONE - skin friendly silicone moldmaking putty

SKIN SILICONE is a very solid silicone rubber, which can be applied to
the skin to create the shape of the face, hands or other parts of the body. Rubber quickly
vulcanised at room temperature and accurately conveys the shape of the body of any original
model - better and faster than with any alginate.
Unlike alginate forms, suitable only for a single use, flexible shell mold of SKIN SILICONE has been successfully used in multiple fills most complex and unusual products.


For the casting of final products manufactured in the form of SKIN SILICONE, you can
used injection molding materials based on polyurethane (MODELIT SPEED and STANDARD) polyester and epoxy resins(EPOX 210),KREMENIT,gypsum, various types of concrete, the mixture for production of ceramics, and other similar materials.


Mixing Ratio (A: B) = 1: 1
Color after curing: skin shade
The viscosity of the mixture: >55000 mPas
The density of the mixture 1.18 g / cm3
Pot life at 23 ° C: 1,5 - 3,5 minutes
Time of full curing at 23 °C:  10 - 12 minutes
Shore A hardness after 24 hours at 23 °C:  40 ± 2
Load break: 4.5 N / mm2
Elongation at break: 290%
Tensile strength: 7,5 ± 0,5 N / mm

The exact proportions 1 : 1 must be respected to obtain the correct times and not to alter the final characteristics of the product. The surfaces with which the material enters in contact must be perfectly clean, free of grease and dry. 


Weigh an equal amount of comp.A 
and comp.B (ex. 100 grams of catalyst and 100 grams of base; within a 5% error range the end result is not altered). Use two different spoons for each component to prevent contamination of the product. Once the product is weighed and it is assured that the base and catalyst are equal, the two components are inserted in a recipient and mixed thoroughly. It is important to check while mixing that no residue remains on the base and sides of the recipient. Mix energetically until the colour of the product is homogeneous. Once the product is mixed it is applied to the mould or body. The working time is approximately 2-3 minutes from the beginning of the mixing at 23°C. If the quantity used is less than what is needed to complete the duplication, 
complete the hardening of the silicone and than proceed with the addition of the remaining silicone needed. The material attaches to the silicone without altering the final result. 

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